Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rachel Turns 6!!

Today is Rachel's 6th birthday! She's already been spoiled by breakfast in bed, presents and a trip to pick out a new CTR ring (one that won't turn her finger green).
Here are a few quick pics of her day.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Boyer Reunion: Days 5 & 6

A quick note: Scroll down the page and start with Days 1 & 2... if you like things in chronological order, that is. Videos to come soon...

A staple activity, mandated by mom, of course, is taking family pics. Ben and Brock took turns shooting over 300 pics in the space of a couple hours. Thank heaven for digital! It's sure fun to see how much everyone is growing and changing. Here is a pinch of those 300:

These may or may not be the best of the pics, but I was in a hurry. For the rest of the pics and to make your own prints, go to our Costco web site. Call us if you don't already have the log-in info.

After the photo shoot, it was time for a different kind of shoot... Skeet, baby! As a group, we shot over 300 rounds of shotgun shells, at least 300 rounds of 22 shells and I'm not sure how many we shot with Travis' 9mm, but it was being shot the whole time too. Good times...

Taco salads from Melody were the next menu item... very tasty. We spent the afternoon finishing up the tournaments with Ben winning Pool and Ping-Pong and Mariah victorious in Air Hockey.

Not to be forgotten, both Friday and Saturdays were made a bit more interesting as the power went out for a few hours both nights. No matter, we pulled out the lanterns and played games. Jon and Ben even finished the pool tourney by the light of a couple flashlights!

Saturday night was also the combined birthday party for Jessica (15), Nathan (7) and Rachel (6). They were spoiled pretty good with presents and cake.

Definitely a highlight of the week... Travis and Diana got engaged on Saturday night! Congrats to both of you, even if Dad nearly passed out from the shock.

Sunday was, as usual, very relaxed and special (except for the everyone leaving part). Buck and Aubrey blessed little Mikayla and we all enjoyed a fabulous feast at the park.

It was a fantastic week! Other activities indluded plenty of Wii, cards, trampoline, movies, and plenty of talking and eating. We're sorry it's over, but what great memories. (that was a bit cheesy...) Anyway, enjoy the pics and soon to come videos. Call or write if you need copies of anything!

Family Reunion: Days 3 & 4

Bring on the Scavenger Hunt! Four teams all had a blast cruising all over Cokeville while the team of toddlers played with the babysitters and posed for their own pics. We went in search of 1) Water from the waterfall, 2) pics of the Wyoming/Idaho Borders, 3) An item from the visitor's center, 4) A pic on the park playground, 5) Making an airplane and flying it at the "airport", 6) A pic of wildlife from the wildlife reserve (most of us used flies), 7) Draw a chalk picture at the motel, and 8) Catch grasshoppers at the shooting range. Here's the pics from Team 2:

Team 4 won, but everyone had a good time... and drove very fast.

The afternoon was a "Pamper Party" for all the girls and Travis (who bought his way in by rubbing all their hands). The boys watched the kids and took turns taking naps. That watching kids thing is tiring!

That night we had Hawaiian haystacks from the Ben and Heidi Boyers and played pool and air hockey well into the night.

Day 4 brought the river run! I don't have many pics of it, but it was a great time. 20 people jumping in the water, having water fights with other boats, jumping off cliffs and weathering a huge rainstorm were some of the highlights. Again, everyone was pretty tired that night, but we had enough strength to eat BBQ salmon and halibut!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Boyer Reunion: Day 1 & 2

Whoo-hooo! After much planning, waiting and anticipation, the reunion was here! We arrived throughout the day on Tuesday and the party was on. The Hideout was ready... and the new room was amazing! It was definitely the gathering point for the whole week. We enjoyed enchiladas from Sarah and started the first of many games and conversations.
Travis surprised most (especially Diana) by arriving Wednesday morning. He drove all night from Seattle... a sign of good things to come. Then it was off to Bear Lake! We swam, played frisbee, ate good food and played on waverunners. Good times... and everyone was pretty tired by that night.