Friday, February 27, 2009

3 1/2 months already

I can't believe how time flies! Cadence is growing like a weed. She is such a good baby. She's content with two good naps a day, watching her siblings play, listening to the vacuum, and of course eating... which she does a lot. It gives Heidi plenty of time to catch up with her "Scrapbook Memories" show, which Creed and Daddy do not really enjoy.

Here's a few pics of our cute little 3 month old:

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Elena!!

I can't believe you're 5!! It seems just yesterday that we were in the hospital with you. You are such a good big sister to Creed and Cadence and a great friend to Rachel. Right now you love Kim Possible and watch it anytime I let you. You also love ballet and anything to do with dance. I love having you home with me every day and I'll miss you when you go off to Kindergarten in the fall.

Elena turned 5 on February 6th. For about a month she has been planning her "Tea Party". It was really fun! Rachel, Elena, and two of her friends enjoyed time at the "spa" where they got to have their hair and makeup done by Aunt Katie and I. During that time, they also got to do their own nails. After being pampered we took some "glamor shots" of each of them. Then on to the tea party. Elena was convinced that they were not going to talk with silly English accents, but having all of them sitting down in front of a nice tea set with "servants" (Katie and I) at their beck and call, the proper English came out, as did excellent manners and quiet voices. It was just as much fun for Katie and I to listen to them talk as it was for them to be there. They would raise their hands each time they needed something. If we forgot our towels on our arms, they would graciously remind us. Aspen also asked us if we could do a talent show after we served them. That sure threw us for a loop but Between the two of us, Katie and I were able to pull off "Be Our Guest", singing almost all the words, and doing some dancing too. It made us feel young again, but I'm glad the video camera wasn't out while we were doing our thing. What a fun birthday it was!