Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Creed!

Yep, our little boy turned two! Creed had a good birthday and received lots of "boy toys". He was overly excited to blow out his birthday cake candle as well. Check it out...

So we tried again...

He's a wonderful boy and we're so blessed to have him!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Has it already been one month?

I can't believe Cadence is already one month old! It seems like I was just in the hospital holding her for the first time. She sure has grown though. She recognizes her families voices and loves to be talked to. Her neck has gotten strong and she lifts her head. And this week we've finally figured out how to get her to sleep on her own. She loves to be reclined so she sleeps in her carseat. Last night she slept for 6 hours in a row and a few nights ago she slept for 5 hours. That's been great. She loves her tummy too which is nice during the day. Once in awhile she'll take her thumb which has been cute. The girls love her and Creed has finally learned her name. Some other popular names he was calling her were Jovie and Heidi. I don't know where he got Heidi, maybe because she was with me when people would say my name. She's been pretty healthy overall considering the sicknesses that have been going around. She's gone to 3 parties, to Sacrament Meeting twice, and numerous outings. We've had fun dressing her up and taking pictures of her. She is a good girl and we love her so much.
Only a few days old

Our little thumb sucker

Photo Shoot during Thanksgiving. Katie's such a great photographer!

"Tinkerbell" (Build-a-Bear costume)

One Month Old