Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our Busy Weekend

Friday: Crazy hair day at Adams elementary. Rachel's hair was by far one of the coolest!

We picked up Katie, Adam and Jovie and were off to Fayette. We stopped in Lehi to pick up Lily (Heidi's brother Ben's baby) and were introduced to "Poo-gloos"... Sewer drainage system cleansers. Bart and Ben Brown have been putting them together. Pretty interesting. They look like black igloos (thus the name).

After arriving in Fayette, we ran over to the Pumpkin Patch in Gunnison to see the wide variety of pumpkins and squash and (the real reason) take a bunch of pictures of the kids in their costumes. Here are Rachel, Elena, Creed, Jovie and Lily:

Friday night was the birthday dinner for Heidi, Adam, Sara and Amy (although Amy was unable to come... Happy B-day!). As always, Sunnie cooked up some yummy food... Shishkabobs- very tasty. We talked, ate and then Katie, Adam and Ben played a friendly game of "cards" till well after 1am. Good times!

Saturday: Heidi, Sunnie, and Katie left at the crack of dawn for the big Scrapbooking Convention in Salina. 9 hours of crafts and sitting. They had a great time, although it didn't sound to appealing to the rest of us.

Ben left the kids with "Little Aunt Sara" and went to the BYU game with his brother Jason. The game was great and came down to the last play:

Video Courtesy of

Ben then hung out at Brett's house till the rest of the crew arrived around 7:30 to pick him up. The drive home, with a new mattress for Elena on top of the van, was fairly uneventful, although we didn't get home till after 11pm. Traveling can be slow with four kids and a pregnant lady!

Sunday: We enjoyed a nice Sabbath at our new ward. This was our second time there and it seems to be a really good ward. We met with the Bishopric after church, so callings are soon to follow soon.

Creed fell and cracked his nose this afternoon. Poor guy probably could have used a stitch or two, but this bandaid seemed to hold him together for the time being.

Tonight was fun... We traveled to Garland, Utah (about 30 min from Logan) to visit Mac and Tiff Dameron. Mac and Tiff were some of the first friends we made after getting married and moving to Provo. We are excited to be closer to them again as both Rachel and Elena have new friends their same age.

It's sure to be another busy week!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Settling In

We finally made it to our new ward! After Conference and a trip to Fayette last weekend, we went to our own ward today. It starts at 9am, which is good, except that Priesthood, RS and Primary is first. By the time we got to Sacrament mtg, Creed was DONE! Thoughtfully, we had packed plenty of snacks and he managed not to disrupt the whole building. The girls enjoyed their classes; Creed did well in nursery too, although he told the teachers his name was Sam. We're not sure where that came from. Heidi and Ben went to the marriage and family class, which was fun. Our ward's high councilman spoke, but his companion speaker didn't show. It "just so happened" that the stake president had come to listen to the high council member speak, so he took the remaining ten minutes. He's a funny guy and poked fun at the bishop for getting him to speak.

Ben started his job! His first day was Thursday and he was kind of thrown into the fire. The executive director and medical director were both in meetings all day, so he was just handed patient charts as they came into the clinic. Other than his own upset stomach (nerves, you know), the day went all right. Friday was much better as everyone was very supportive and happy to have him there.

We've discovered a fantastic kid's park, Ryan's Place Park, in River Heights, just south of Logan. Ryan was a two-year-old boy that drowned a couple of years ago. In his memory, the community came together and built this amazing park. The kids have been there twice so far and have loved it. Here's a few pics of the kids-

All-in-all, we're adjusting well. We're still waiting for our house in Oregon to sell, although the showings have picked up a bit after we lowered the price. We did receive one offer, a lease option that didn't sound all that great, but at least it was an offer!

Monday, October 6, 2008

We've arrived!

We made it to Utah! Thankfully, it was a fairly uneventful trip, except for a very human friendly squirrel.

The kids were amazing on the drive. Creed especially enjoyed riding in the front of the truck. He could finally see over the dash!
We were excited to arrive in Logan. 7 family members and 5 elders from the new ward were all here waiting for us (we arrived a little later than expected). In spite of the late arrival, we unloaded the truck in less than an hour and were ready to listen to the kickoff of the BYU vs USU game.
We spent Sunday in Cokeville, watching conference. Good times with family... that's really what this move was all about.
We love our friends in Oregon, but are excited to be here closer to family. Pictures of the new place are forthcoming!