Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cadence's Blessing

As promised, here are a few pictures of Cadence's blessing day. It was a great day with family here to support us. One of the blessings of living closer to family is being able to participate in each others special moments. Cadence was really good all day and we were even able to capture her smile on camera finally. She'd been smiling for a week or so but by the time we'd get the camera out, she was done.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Holiday Recap... the abbreviated version

Yes, we took a couple of weeks off from the blogging world. Mostly from the computer world in general. Minimal email checking, ESPN score checks, and, of course, blogging. It's not that we didn't want you all to know how much fun we were having during the holidays, we were just too preoccupied for anything else! Here's a recap of the holidays.

Dec 20th- King Family Party (The gift of wheels from Grandpa King. Rachel- Scooter, Elena- Bike, Creed- Tricycle)
Dec 22nd- Cache Valley Community Health Center Party- Ben's white elephant was a snowman full of treats.
Dec 23-24- Games and presents at the Hideout.
Christmas eve and day- Nativity with the kids. Completely done opening presents by 8 am. Favorite gifts received: Ben- Paintball gun (Fully automatic!), Heidi- Willow Tree Nativity, Rachel- Loud and Proud Cheerleader doll, Elena- Barbie Alexa doll, Creed- Cars Tent, Cadence- Clothes.
Dec 31st-Jan 2- Back to Cokeville. We played games until way late (2-3am) each night, ate way too much food, dipped in the hot tub, paintballed, shot some clay pigeons and generally had a fantastic time.
Here are a few pics, although we forgot the camera for the New Year's party. Enjoy!
Check back in a couple days for pics of Cadence's blessing day (Today, Jan 4th).