Sunday, January 17, 2010

Little Baby Lover

I finally got a little girl who loves babies. My big girls have always loved stuffed animals and would play with babies but nothing like Cadence. She just loves babies! Whether they're real or baby dolls...she can't get enough of them.

Cadence trying to hold cute cousin Madison

Holding baby Asher. Every time he comes over, she has to get her turn holding him. She is so cute with him--patting him and being soft.

"Holding" baby Raegi who's almost as big as she is.

Her baby doll she got at the King Christmas Party

The cute little water baby my mom got for her with their matching nightgowns. This one is her new favorite. She's such a cute little mom.

Cindy Lou Who

Last week Rachel came home with a note saying that her class was one of the classes that earned a "No Tardy Party". For this event, they got to wear crazy hair or a crazy hat that day and have a parade through the whole school. Rachel was so excited to do some crazy hair again. She wanted to do what we did last year, (Pippi Longstocking) but then I found some fun Cindy Lou Do's online. She saw them and was sold.

We think it turned out pretty cute!