Tuesday, September 22, 2009

School is in!!

Actually, school has been in for almost a month but I finally decided to sit down and do a post. It's been awhile. Rachel is loving second grade and has the nicest teacher. Tomorrow she gets to eat a special lunch with her teacher and get a special doughnut for reading 100 words in less than a minute. She's doing great in school but still comes home saying recess was her favorite part of the day.

Rachel's 2nd day of second grade

Elena is doing great in first grade. Yep, you heard right, first grade! We got her tested and the teachers encouraged us to push her up a grade. After a lot of prayers, fasting, we felt that this was the best route for her. She loves it!! It's so fun to see her thrive in her classroom. She's very shy and I've had to remind her to speak up when she's talking to the teacher but I know she'll get over that soon enough. I get to volunteer in both of their classes which has been nice.

Elena's 1st day of 1st grade

Creed had to hop in!

Creed has recently met his "new best friend" Gavin. Gavin and his family just moved into the cul-de-sac bringing friends for all of us. The first thing Creed says when he wakes up in the morning is, "can I have some milk?". The second thing is, "I want to go to Gavin's house." We have to remind him that he needs to eat breakfast, get dressed, make his bed, wait for Gavin to wake up, etc. before he can go over. They have their fair share of fighting but are so excited when they see each other. On Sunday, Creed asked if he cold go play at Gavin's. I reminded him that we don't play on Sunday but he'll see him in nursery. He begged to go to nursery the rest of the morning! We don't go to church until 12:30.

I don't think Creed could have gotten any dirtier

Cadence is getting so big. She has decided she doesn't want to walk as early as our other kids did, but I'm not complaining. She is a mover though. She can crawl up our staircase fast! We have to watch her pretty closely. She's still quite the mama's girl although she is better at going to her daddy now. She's developing such a cute and fun personality and is starting to mimic all we do.

Cadence found a new love---Pizza!

Ben is SOOOOOOO busy with work, church calling, etc. He did get to go down south for a few days for the elk hunt. His sister had a tag so he was there to help find and pack out. They found plenty of elk but didn't get one until he left.

I ran a half-marathon last month! I did it in 2:03 which was about 8 minutes faster than my practice time. Ben and the kids were all at the finish line with a dozen long-stemmed roses! It was a great feeling to be able to accomplish my goal. My next goal is to do a sprint triathlon probably in March.

Hopefully I'll be able to sit down more often to blog. Life is busy.


Angie said...

Great update. All your children are doing so well. It was fun to have you here for a few hours this week. I'm looking forward to time with the kids in November. Do we have dates yet?

Tonya said...

Wow, so many good things happening with your family! It's great to hear it all. I've heard it's really hard to move up a grade. That is impressive! I love Creeds dirty picture. Such a funny little guy;0) Good job on the half marathon! That's awesome that you beat your time by 8 minutes. That's something to be proud of.

Claire said...

Good to hear about everybody!!! Tell your cute kids hi from Elise and I!

Kadan, Trish, and J said...

How fun!!! It was so great to see you guys this last weekend.. you have the cutest little family EVER! I hope you guys are doing great, and we hope to see you guys soon! LOVE YA!

Julie said...

Wow! They're growing fast, aren't they?! Congrats on your half marathon! Way to go!!!

Andrea Low said...

Awesome job on the marathon! I'm looking into doing a Sprint Tri as well, but probably not til summer. Shooting for a full marathon in April! You should train for it and come do it with me, either the SL or Ogden, not decided yet. Your kids are getting so big!