Monday, May 25, 2009

A fine day indeed…

Today was a rather pleasant day. We had both a mix of sunshine and rain today in Logan, although the rain only made the air smell wonderful and helped us enjoy the sun even more!

Daddy got breakfast in bed, we all slept in and then it was outside to play! We went to Willow Park with our friends, the Bishops. Nice playground for the kids, plenty of space to play catch or run around, and the girls even found a few puppies to play with. Other than Cadence and Creed getting a bit pink from the sun, it was a good time.

Ben then went to help a friend from the ward clean his new house before moving in this weekend, while Heidi and the kids had quiet time. It just feels good to help someone else, even if it means stretching one’s self to clean a ceiling!

The evening was filled with BBQ, good conversation and a serious game of Ticket-to-Ride. The kids were tuckered out, but that’s how it should be.

Ben was on-call for work all day, but had just a few calls and only ended up going in to the clinic once.

Of course, what fun day wouldn’t be complete without a little Wii action! Mario Galaxy and Twilight Princess are calling…

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Angie said...

Love days like that! Glad you could have one.